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We remove the barriers to fitness to help you reach your full potential.

FITNESS reinvented

Work out like never before. Katalyst uses electro muscle stimulation (EMS) to help you get more results in less time.

fast & effective

Train 2x muscle fibers in 20 mins

low impact

Build strength without weights


Work out at home or on the road

how EMS works

strength for life

From the golf course to the board room and beyond, Katalyst is your fitness solution for a longer, healthier, happier life.


Rethink what's possible.

Next level training requires next level tools. Katalyst imitates the brain signals that cause your muscles to contract, resulting in a more complete activation and amplifying your results. It’s the perfect companion to your current programming, or a completely new approach to fitness.


Become forever stronger.

Muscle mass is critical to healthy aging, yet we lose it from age 30 and become more injury-prone over time. Katalyst helps improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular performance without any weights or joint impact, so you can improve your fitness through every stage of life.


Bounce back faster.

Life happens, and the best way to ensure a positive outcome is to begin from a position of strength. Our technology is rooted in rehabilitation and works with your body rather than against it, to help you prepare for and accelerate recovery.


“There is something I noticed when using Katalyst: it feels like it resets everything. Meaning that it kind of reboots my muscle computer… I felt anew again.”

Dr. Peter Boulden, 45

Dentistry Practitioner
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 10.58.12 AM
“It’s such a huge time-saving compared to going to the gym, and I’m feeling great! It’s really the future of working out!”

Garret O., 23

“I noticed right away I was stronger. I was able to lift heavier than before, and it was much easier than expected. The best part of all is I’m not aggravating old shoulder and back injuries. I’m really happy with the purchase.”

Myra J., 62

“What a way to end my busy working mom week. I completed a level 3 – 20-minute power, then a 10-minute cardio workout. I finished with 20 minutes of recovery using my Katalyst Training System. I feel so rejuvenated.”

Marissa J., 45

RN/Health & Life Coach
Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 12.56.25 PM
“Katalyst utilizes muscles I’d forgotten how to use, allows me to train through any injury and still maintain or build muscle, and gives me an incredible workout in 20 minutes or less. It’s a game changer.”

Ben Greenfield, 41

New York Times Bestselling Author, Host of Ben Greenfield Life Podcast
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 7.57.01 PM
“It was a great workout, and I was able to achieve higher heart rates for longer time with the suit on. I’m definitely impressed with the suit, the software, and your company’s commitment to making a quality product.”

Bob, 40

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 10.07.14 AM
“Love it! Mix in with weight training it hits muscles you didn’t even know you had. This will get your muscles really sore when you up the intensity. Definitely would buy again.”

Troy MacCubbin, 43

“I’ve been using this technology for almost a year, so I don’t share this flippantly. It helped me maintain muscle while in rehab for my back. It’s improved my core strength and power in boxing. It’s recruited muscles in my glutes that wouldn’t fire previously.”

Mary Shenouda, 37

The Paleo Chef, Founder of Phatfudge
“Results and gains in minimal time. Something most people say that they don’t have. Now, they don’t have any excuse.”

Michael, 43

Fitness Trainer
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 8.08.45 PM
“The ability to get a full-body workout in 20 minutes is insane. It gave my shoulder more relief than any other treatment. I now have free range of motion to finish my golf swing.”

Corey W., 34

“I first heard about Katalyst from a friend who raved about it. Katalyst has been a great addition to my fitness routine, and I’m excited for more people to discover how it can enhance your everyday lifestyle.”

Cindy Crawford, 56

Supermodel, Fashion Icon, Founder of Meaningful Beauty
“I have noticed a substantial difference in how I feel going into training. Mentally, I feel more alert and energized. Physically, my body is more prepared.”

Connor, 28

Pro Athlete
“Muscle mass is one of the most critical things I can have for healthy aging and longevity. Katalyst is really efficient and the future of maintaining physiological stimulation and working out. I love the product.”

Peter Diamandis, 61

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Founder of XPRIZE and Singularity University


Best in class full-body EMS training, FDA-cleared for consumer use.

Katalyst uses proven EMS technology, but we don’t stop there. Our software platform works in harmony with the hardware & textiles to deliver the smartest full-body EMS training available.

High-performance materials, specially-designed textiles, and advanced electronics come together in a truly long-lasting wearable fitness device. Rigorously tested to ensure absolute quality.

PREMIUM experience
We’re bringing full-body EMS training out of the trainer-led studio environment and into the home, with the world’s first premium, user-friendly device FDA-cleared for consumer use.

System Components


High-performance materials with integrated electrodes mapped to all major muscle groups. Weighing ~3 pounds, the Suit is travel-ready and stores away easily.

Base Layer

Specially designed to retain moisture for optimal compression. The seamless knit, a sustainable Tencel™ blend, keeps you comfortable while you work out.

Impulse Pack

The heart of the operation, the Impulse Pack translates commands from the Katalyst App into precisely-tuned impulses delivered to the right muscle, at the right time.


A totally immersive fitness experience, with on-demand classes led by EMS trainers. As you work out, the App intelligently controls and personalizes your impulses in real-time.

System Components

The Suit

High performance materials with integrated electrodes mapped to all your major muscle groups. Weighing ~3 pounds, the Suit is travel- ready and stores away easily when not in use.

The Base Layer

Specially designed to retain moisture for optimal impulse delivery. The seamless knit, constructed from a sustainable Tencel™ blend, keeps you comfortable while you work out.

The Impulse Pack

The heart of the operation, the Impulse Pack translates commands from the Katalyst App into precisely-tuned impulses delivered to the right muscle, at the right time.

The App

A totally immersive fitness experience, with on-demand classes led by EMS trainers. As you work out, the App intelligently controls and personalizes your impulses in real-time.

System Details

FDA Cleared for Consumer Use

Personalized Suit Sizing

Lightweight and Travel-ready

Machine-washable Textiles

8+ Sessions with One Charge

Apple Airplay™ Enabled


A totally immersive and personalized fitness experience.

On-demand classes
Unlock an evergreen library, from functional classes like core strength & endurance training, to activity-specific workouts like golf & boxing.

Our trainers have decades of full-body EMS, sports and personal training experience, to help you see results and reach your goals faster.

Personalized experience
With dynamic auto intensity adjustment, our algorithms deliver the right impulse, to the right muscle, at the right time.

complete package
Four training modes – Strength, Power, Cardio, Recovery – make Katalyst the most comprehensive fitness solution available.

unlimited access
One personal training session can cost $50-150+. Katalyst delivers more value in a premium package, from the comfort of home.

Endless variety of on-demand workouts.

Train fast-twitch muscle fibers with a dynamic power workout, or build strength and endurance for golf. Then, increase your heart rate with a cardio session and finish with recovery.


$2,499 + Membership ($29/mo – $49/mo)

Order Katalyst & choose your membership plan.

Submit sizing via post-purchase intake form.

Suit up & start your first Katalyst workout.

US & Canada addresses only. To join the international waitlist, click here.

Requires an iPad running iPadOS 15+ (not included).


Katalyst leverages electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to create an extraordinary new way to work out. Our patented training system and full-body suit deliver specially-tuned, low-frequency impulses to your major muscle groups. These impulses imitate the brain signals that cause your muscles to contract and multiply the results of any exercise when combined with simple bodyweight movements. The result is a 20-minute, full-body workout that engages up to 90% of your muscle fibers. To reach this same level of muscle activation hours of traditional exercise would be required. Katalyst provides:

  • An elite, full-body workout in 20 minutes.
  • All-in-one Strength, Power, Cardio and Recovery training.
  • Content delivered via our iOS app, curated by expert trainers.
  • Lightweight and ready to go wherever life takes you.
  • No weights or other equipment required.
  • No joint impact or injury risk.

Most muscle contractions occur when the brain sends a signal through your central nervous system to instruct your skeletal muscles to contract. These muscles come in pairs, one to move your bone in a particular direction, and the other to move it back. Unlike internal organs and cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles are voluntary, meaning that they require a trigger (such as a brain signal) to activate.

Full-body EMS devices combine the advantages of conventional strength training with EMS technology. Users wear a “suit” that maps a series of built-in electrodes to each of your major muscle groups. The low-frequency impulses that serve as the basis for EMS actively engage all muscle groups simultaneously, rather than placing single electrodes on individual muscle groups. With these impulses, the muscles are engaged much more intensively, multiplying the effects of any exercise.

Most likely! We created Katalyst to help all people improve their health and fitness. The Katalyst Suit and Base Layer are modular and able to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. After placing your order, we will contact you to collect a few measurements to ensure the optimal fit for you. If you are in doubt, feel free to reach out to [email protected] for pre-purchase sizing.

Yes, you will need an iPad capable of running iPadOS 15 or later to use Katalyst.  To learn how to find the iOS version on your iPad, click here.

Katalyst is for everyone. Whether you want a competitive edge or to improve your fitness throughout life, Katalyst gives you an insanely effective workout without joint impact or injury risk.

Katalyst is intended for use by adults only. See additional Safety Guidelines here.

Do not use the Katalyst Training System if you:

  • Have a pacemaker (artificial pacemaker), implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Are experiencing extreme muscle strain or trauma, or if you are experiencing a muscle strain condition such as rhabdomyolysis.
  • Have been diagnosed with any heart problem or condition.
  • Have an inadequate blood supply (ischemia) or a serious blood circulation disorder in the lower limbs.
  • Have an abdominal or groin hernia.

As a medical device regulated by the FDA, there are certain claims we are not allowed to make and it applies to powered muscle stimulators in general. One of these claims is weight loss. We do not claim weight loss as a benefit, though we regularly hear from members that they have lost weight as a result of using Katalyst.

Katalyst helps you do more work in less time by activating 2x more muscle fibers than conventional resistance training. When lifting weights, approximately 45%-50% of muscle fibers are stimulated. With Katalyst, we are able to stimulate up to 90% of muscle fibers.

This is possible because the signal is generated externally (via the impulse), rather than internally (via your brain), making this form of exercise incredibly efficient.

On top of that, Katalyst is a true full body workout, activating all your major muscle groups simultaneously. Each 20-minute session gives each of your major muscle groups 10 minutes time under tension, equivalent to hours in the gym.

Absolutely. At checkout, you can select Affirm as your payment method to pay over time. Terms and conditions apply.

Companies such as Miha bodytec, X-body, E-fit, and others have been building full-body EMS training equipment for 10+ years, primarily for a studio-based, B2B market. While these devices are similar to Katalyst in how they train the human body from a scientific perspective, they tend to be very expensive ($20-50,000), cumbersome to maintain, bulky to transport, and require a certified, professional trainer to operate. 

 Katalyst is the only full-body EMS device to be FDA-cleared for consumer use. In contrast to other devices on the market, we built a premium consumer fitness experience that is incredibly easy to use, lightweight, and travel-ready, with on-demand training content delivered straight to your iPad. With Katalyst, you get the world’s best full-body EMS training anytime, anywhere, and for the price of a Peloton. 

Please see our FDA 510(k) clearance document here.

While we recommend that you do not share your suit with others, we also do not restrict use. If you do share your suit, we require that a) it fits properly, b) the person you are sharing with does not meet any of the health restrictions noted in our Instruction Manual, and c) they create their own account in the app. This ensures that they agree to the Katalyst terms & conditions, and that they do not override your personal workout intensity settings.

Katalyst offers a one-year limited warranty on the Suit and accessories, and a three-year limited warranty on the Impulse Pack. The warranty covers manufacturer-related defects, and not defects arising from normal wear-and-tear, misuse, etc. The longevity of any product largely depends on how it is cared for, and the Katalyst Training System is no different. Care instructions can be found in our Instruction Manual, and our warranty is available here.

Our return policy is available here.

Weights or other gym equipment are not required to use Katalyst, because EMS amplifies your natural ability to engage your muscles without the need for any external loading. 

For cardio workouts, many customers have had success combining a Katalyst session with other equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical or assault bike.

We offer memberships in 1-, 2- and 3-year increments. A monthly membership option is available after the initial term ends.

The cost of a Katalyst membership ranges from $29-49 per month, depending on subscription length. Members can pay up front via credit card, or pay over time via Affirm.

Katalyst memberships are tied to Impulse Packs. If you have two full Katalyst Training Systems, and therefore two Impulse Packs, then you would need two memberships. If, however, you have one Impulse Pack and two suits, then only one membership is required.

Katalyst memberships are tied to Impulse Packs. Each Impulse Pack has one membership “holder” for billing purposes and up to 4 user accounts.

Your Katalyst membership will activate on the date of fulfillment. However, we allow an extra 30 days from the fulfillment date to ensure ample time for shipping, delivery and onboarding.

If you paid upfront via credit card, your membership will auto-renew at $49 per month after the initial term. You can visit the customer portal to upgrade or change your membership.

If you financed through Affirm, as you approach the end of your membership term, we will notify you of your renewal options.

If you need to pause your membership, please reach out to  and we would be happy to work with you.

You can cancel your membership by visiting the customer portal. After canceling, your membership will remain active through the last date of your paid subscription. For example, if you purchased a 1 year membership, it will remain active through the 1 year anniversary of your membership.

If you initiate a return within the 30-day return window, we will refund the full amount of the membership to your original payment method. For more information on our return policy, please visit katalyst.com/returns.

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